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Winter is my least favorite time of the year. Even as a kid, I could take or leave the snow, and I have never, by any stretch of the imagination, enjoyed cold […]


Sometimes I feel like Jesus, running alongside pools, asking people if they want to be well. But more often than not, I am the man on the mat, reciting my excuses for the condition of my body and my life.

The Energy of Gratitude

Gratitude has the power to bring marked change to your circumstances. Whether you are fighting a health issue or having marital problems, higher emotions like love, compassion, and thankfulness can drastically change the energy both within the body and without.

A Vision of Clear Vision

I have often wondered if the vision coming through my physical eyes could in any way be related to what I see with my spiritual one. The pictures I receive in my inner or third eye tend to be a bit blurry around the edges too. Could there be a connection, or does every clairvoyant “see through a glass dimly”?

If Only…

A monster lives inside of me. It is ugly. It is powerful. It is a wall. A wall with claws and teeth. It protects me and hurts me at the same time. I have spent most of my life trying to tame, cage, or hide it. My monster’s name is Rage.


For this year’s International Tarot Day Blog Hop, I was given the 10 of Swords. I would love to hear your take on this challenging and at times frightening card.

Out of the Tent & into the Light

I remember the days when carnivals wandered in and out of America’s small towns. Rickety roller coasters, acrobats, games of luck and skill, and icky-sweet sticky cotton candy in pastel shades of pink and blue were just a few of the offerings. My favorite ride was a toss-up between the Swings and the Ferris Wheel. But what carnival would be complete without its resident Fortune Teller?

No Resurrection Without a Death

There is no discernible relationship between the acorn and the oak excepting what the acorn may become given the right circumstances. We learn from the acorn that the full-grown oak is both measurably and fundamentally different from the seed out of which it sprang.


As is typical of immigrants of every race, my family looked within to find its identity. When it came to who we were, our core values and beliefs, it was the Fambly that defined us.

Something in the Way Fed Moves

Ask anyone and they will agree: no one has ever moved around a tennis court like Roger Federer. I heard commentators say over and over that Fed “floated” over the court. There has never been a doubt that Federer worked utter magic with his shots (the word ‘ridiculous’ comes to mind), but, hey, anyone at the top of the game could have made those shots had they been able to get to the ball. There was just something in the way Fed moved.

An Award – for ME?

Kate over at Will Wally Wonder nominated me for my first Blogging Award! 🙂              Merry Christmas to me! Please take a moment to wander around Kate’s delightful site! I promise I’ll be here […]

Live Friends in a Virtual World

You would think that after years of practice I would have developed a formula for meeting the person destined to be my next incredible BFF. Sadly, if such a formula exists, I have yet to discover it. I am not even sure I know how it happens in the first place.

The Narrow Way

I have heard it said that the narrow way can be defined as the unique spiritual journey each of us must walk, and that to be on that path is to refuse to conform to the demands of those around us (to walk their path, or the one most people walk), but, instead, boldly trod the path meant specifically for us.


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