Learning to Harness the Quantum Field

At the start of 2018, I began thinking about vibration and how it relates to achieving goals. Here we are, almost halfway through the year (believe-it-or-not!). It’s a good time to delve deeper.

Newtonian physics is a scientific model based on cause and effect. According to Newton, all of my emotions are dictated by my outer world. In other words, what happens outside of us causes the thoughts that cause the feelings we experience in our body. Using this model, my reactions are the direct result of outside events and influences, so for me to feel gratitude would require that I receive something for which I am grateful.

Technology today has advanced significantly beyond what was available to Isaac Newton. We now have the ability to measure the direct correlation between the thoughts we think and the resulting physical and chemical processes in our bodies, as well as the electromagnetic field that is generated by our thoughts and emotions. The ability to quantitatively measure the effects of our inner world on the outer one has opened the door to a new understanding known as Quantum Physics. Quantum Physics asserts that we are not simply a product of the reality around us, but rather that our minds are creating our reality.

I have long known that nothing in my outer world can make me feel any type of way, my thoughts always dictate my emotions. This is why two people experiencing the same event can have completely different reactions. Perception (how a person thinks and feels about something) really is everything. When I came to understand this, I was empowered to manage my inner world regardless of what was happening in my outer one. The only requirement to experience a better feeling is to find a better thought. But it is not simply our inner world that is affected by our thoughts and emotions.

Our outer world is influenced by the thoughts and emotions that we exercise too.

Every atom in your body vibrates at a frequency based on your thoughts. Negative thoughts cause the vibration of the atoms that make up your cells to slow down. Under the influence of these slower vibrations, the cells eventually stop communicating with one another altogether. Scientists refer to this lack of communication among cells as incoherence. If you know anything about music, this would be the equivalent of a discordant sound or percussion players out of sync with one another. Without fail, incoherence in the systems of the body leads to disease. But when higher emotions like love and appreciation are exercised regularly, our cells begin vibrating at a higher frequency. Higher frequency vibrations cause the cells to work together in harmony, resulting in regeneration and a boost to the immune system. Hormones that enhance good health are released into the body. To change our health, then, requires a change in vibration, which requires changing the thoughts and emotions producing those vibrations. If the body is the outer world of the mind, then the only way to change that outer world for the better is to first learn to manage the inner one.

Did you know that when you relive a memory, your body produces the same chemical reaction as the event itself? In other words, just remembering the fight you had with your spouse ten years ago elicits the same physical reaction you had when the fight occurred. The sweating, elevated pulse rate, and upset stomach are very real, but there is no fight going on now, only the memory of it. In the same way, just thinking about my granddaughter’s smile releases endorphins into my brain equivalent to a strong dose of oxycodone – minus all the nasty side effects! Since I get to choose what thoughts I focus on, why would I ever give my attention to even one negative experience from my past? Well, as we all know, practice makes perfect, and the thoughts I practice most often are going to be the ones that dominate my thinking, because, habit. And Law of Attraction, of course.

It really gets interesting when you discover that higher frequencies of thought and emotion can be used to deliberately create something in your life. Just as the cells of our body become aligned through positive thought, so the events in our lives begin to align as well. I wrote about an example of that earlier this week right here. Yesterday a friend and I got to talking about using local honey to alleviate allergies. In my head I thought, “I should get some too” because my allergies have been terrible this year. Not two hours later a friend handed me a jar of local honey! This is not coincidence but vibration at work.

What is it that you want to see come to fruition in your outer world? Better health in the body, a new career, harmonious relationships, an end to violence in schools? How about world peace? According to Quantum Physics, in order to achieve these goals, we must vibrate our way toward that future using the mind (thoughts) and heart (emotions) first. Only when we are living the vibration of a new and better world inside will we be able to experience it as a part of our manifested reality outside. Gives a whole new slant to

Be the change you want to see in the world”

doesn’t it.

If you would like more information on the work of Dr. Joe, please visit his website at http://www.drjoedispenza.com or check out the many videos he has posted on YouTube. My all-time favorite place to begin is here. My Joe Dispenza products page has a list of what’s available for purchase on Amazon. As always, thanks so much for reading!



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