To book a session, please email your service request to Cindy: All of my offerings may be conducted in-person or online using the chat platform of your choice. A booking fee of $25 is required to set an appointment. Receive a 20% discount for a reading via email. Payments via Cash, CC (Square), PayPal, and Venmo.

Intuitive Readings

General Energy Tarot Reading ………….. $66

7+ card spread exploring the energies available to you over the following 6-8 weeks. 30 minutes.

In-Depth Tarot Reading ………….. $99

Three formats to choose from. 60 minutes each.

  1. 3-Month Look Ahead: 13+ card spread revealing available energies, supports and challenges, including the overall theme for the coming Quarter.
  2. 1-Question Celtic Cross: 13+ card spread to discover underlying energies & the likely outcome of your current trajectory.
  3. Birthday/New Year Reading: 15+ card spread to help you navigate the coming year. Include your complete DOB for a bonus look at your life path numerology according to the Tarot. Schedule the reading on your birthday and receive a 20% discount! Makes a great gift.

Party Readings ………….. $20/person (min. 5, max. 12)

Looking for something fun to do at your next group get-together? Why not throw a Tarot Party? Each guest will receive a 4-card reading plus a complimentary crystal. Guests must be 18 years or older to participate. 5-10 minutes per reading.

Self-Discovery & Recovery

Inner Child Healing ………….. $133

The energetic effects of unresolved traumatic events can manifest as irrational fears, chronic pain, emotional triggers, self-sabotage, and more. Because our inner child lives within the subconscious mind, talk therapy alone is often insufficient to fully clear these lingering energies. Exploring past events in a safe environment through guided meditation can reconnect us with our inner child, offer the body release, and usher in a renewed sense of freedom and purpose. Sessions include recommendations and techniques for ongoing Chakra strengthening. It is recommended that the client hydrate before and after any healing session. 45 minutes. Please complete an intake form prior to booking.

Past Life Regression ………….. $166

Using deep relaxation hypnosis, explore a past life to learn more about yourself, satisfy curiosity, uncover the root cause of current fears, reveal and eliminate karmic contracts, and more. Sessions include techniques for integrating past experiences. It is strongly recommended that the client hydrate before and after any PLR session. 60 minutes. Please complete an intake form prior to booking.

A Booking Fee of $25 is required and will be applied to the total service cost upon completion. This does not apply to email readings which are paid in full in advance. Click the e-mail link below to contact Cindy. In the email, please indicate the service you wish to receive, delivery preference (in-person, live video chat, or email), and availability. Recording any live session is prohibited.

Email your booking request to:


Erudite and supportive, Cindy offered a fantastic reading of my trajectory. She had me settle on a question, but didn’t ask me to share anything further about myself at the start, which made the reading even more impressive, as all the cards directly correlated to my position in life and the question I sought to have answered. Beyond the reading itself, Cindy was delightful to speak with and explained the meaning behind the cards with clarity, tying each together to build a coherent story, which offered incredible guidance. I am very grateful for the reading and excited to move forward with confidence based on the advice she was able to channel through the cards.

Diane Pfister, Founder of SeaInside and author of Graced

Disclaimer: Cindy Welch/Ripples of Insight offers tarot readings and hypnosis/meditation for spiritual empowerment and educational purposes only. Cindy Welch/Ripples of Insight is not qualified to give any form of medical, legal, or other professional advice. The services offered by Cindy Welch/Ripples of Insight are not intended to be a substitute for traditional psychological, behavioral, financial, or medical therapies. Cindy Welch/Ripples of Insight accepts no liability and/or responsibility for any action and/or decision a client/student chooses to take or make based on any service(s) or advice given.