In-person Tarot readings in the greater Richmond (VA) area, online readings via Skype, FaceTime or Messenger. Check below to learn more about my services and how to book a session today! Recording any session is strictly prohibited.

Tarot Readings

Energy Reading Via Email ………….. $44

Using Tarot cards, an Oracle pull, and my own intuition, I will explore your current energetic trajectory, including advice from Spirit. Energy Readings must be paid in full in advance. The reading will include a complete write-up plus photos of the spread(s) and Oracle message(s). Please be sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive your reading within 7 business days of purchase. Payments for email readings via PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.

Year Ahead Reading – Birthday Special ………….. $55

Get a special rate for a reading on your birthday! Combining numerology with the Tarot, I will delve into your life purpose and investigate the energies available to you each month during the coming year. A birthday reading lasts approximately 60 minutes and makes a great gift! In-person and online readings by appointment only.*

General Energy ………….. $55

An elemental reading to explore the energies available at the present time, including advice from Spirit. This general reading lasts approximately 30 minutes and the client is encouraged to take notes/photos during the session. In-person and online readings by appointment only.*

3-Month Look Ahead ………….. $66

This reading alerts you to the energies coming your way, revealing both challenges and support to help you navigate forward successfully. A 3-Month reading lasts approximately 40 minutes and the client is encouraged to take notes/photos during the session. In-person and online readings by appointment only.*

1-Question ………….. $77

A combination 3-card energy and Celtic Cross pull sheds light on any question held in the subconscious mind. This deep dive experience lasts approximately 50 minutes and the client is encouraged to take notes/photos during the session. In-person and online readings by appointment only.*

Other Services

Energy Clearing (in the client’s home) ………….. $88

Everything and everyone in this 3-D reality is made up of energy. Human beings have learned how to translate these unseen energies into people, objects and sounds that we can see, feel, taste, touch and hear. Our primary connection to the world of energy comes through the main chakra system, sometimes referred to as our energy body. If you are interested in learning more, check out this short Primer.

The higher our chakras vibrate, the healthier and happier we feel. From time to time, thoughts, emotions and even physical trauma can interfere with the interpretation and transfer of the vital energies constantly flowing in, around and through us. Using a pendulum, crystals, sound therapy and deep relaxation/hypnosis, I will go with you on a journey into your own energy to discover and dissolve any blockages keeping your chakras stuck at a lower frequency. An energy session lasts approximately 45 minutes and the client is encouraged to write down any insights immediately following the experience. Energy sessions in your home by appointment only.*

Inner Child Healing (online or in the client’s home) ………….. $99

Take a hypnotic journey surrounding a particular childhood trauma to mine out and release the negative emotions preventing you from reaching your full potential. Inner Child Healing is a powerful tool that can help remove the blocks and limiting beliefs keeping you locked inside your past.

Sessions are by appointment only* and last approximately 60 minutes. All clients must complete an intake form and receive an approval email from me prior to booking. The intake process is free of charge.

Past Life Regression (online or in the client’s home) ………….. $111

Using deep relaxation/hypnosis, I will facilitate an exploration of who you were in a past life to discover what lessons you learned, what fears may have carried over into your current experience, and what karmic relationships you may still be working through.

Sessions are by appointment only* and last approximately 90 minutes. All clients must complete an intake form and receive an approval email from me prior to booking. The intake process is free of charge.


*Booking Fee of $10 is required to secure any online or in-home service. This fee will be applied to the total cost of service(s) upon completion. Please click the email link below or drop me a text for appointment requests. Be sure to include your name and the service you are inquiring about.

For services requiring an Intake Form, follow the link to complete. Once approved, you will receive an email with my available appointment times and further booking instructions. Appointment bookings are not complete until I have received the associated Booking Fee. All service fees may be paid using PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.

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Can a Tarot Reading Foretell the future?

A Tarot reading reveals the current energies which could lead to a probable outcome, however, the cards cannot foretell the future with certainty. Free will trumps everything, so the projected outcome of the path you are currently on can be changed by you at any time.

It is my goal to help you connect more fully with your own intuition and higher guidance, increasing your ability to walk your unique life path with ease and confidence. A reading reveals the energy available at present and usually extending out about a month. Understanding the energies at hand can empower you to overcome the challenges facing you in the here and now.

How to Formulate a Question

No one can predict the future, so questions like “Will I marry so-and-so?” or “When will I land my dream job?” are not particularly useful when it comes to the Tarot. Still, while I can give general readings, it is best to approach your session with a specific question in order to gain a more specific answer.

To formulate a question, close your eyes, settle your mind and relax by taking a couple of deep breaths. Next, pay attention to the concern that comes to mind first (relationships, finances, or career are common). A helpful question could be phrased like this:

“What guidance does the Tarot have for me today regarding [the issue that came to mind]?”


Erudite and supportive, Cindy offered a fantastic reading of my trajectory. She had me settle on a question, but didn’t ask me to share anything further about myself at the start, which made the reading even more impressive, as all the cards directly correlated to my position in life and the question I sought to have answered. Beyond the reading itself, Cindy was delightful to speak with and explained the meaning behind the cards with clarity, tying each together to build a coherent story, which offered incredible guidance. I am very grateful for the reading and excited to move forward with confidence based on the advice she was able to channel through the cards.

Diane Pfister, Founder of SeaInside and Graced