Welcome to my blog and the very first International Tarot Day Blog Hop!

I’m thrilled and honored to collaborate with Bree Ferguson from Nym’s Divination in celebration of International Tarot Day (July 8, 2017).  For this year, I was asked to contribute my thoughts for the 10 of Swords. I hope you enjoyed Attila Blaga’s look at  the 9 of Swords. A link to the next blog in the hop can be found at the bottom of this page.

Below is a poem I wrote that encapsulates my understanding of the meaning behind the 10 of Swords.

Wild Unknown, Tarot of the Celtic Fairies, Shadowscapes, Thoth, Victorian Fairy Tarot, Waite-Rider, Wild Wood, and the Gilded

Blade, dagger, beak, arrow

honed to a purpose

~ laceration ~

a life laid low

by thoughts that overwhelm.

Journeys ebb and cycles flow

real or imagined, this lesson bites.

Ten Swords

finish the course

~ culmination ~

the genesis

of a new beginning.

This walk through the Tarot is a great way to get to know the cards from many different perspectives. Please visit Ash-lee Jeanne’s blog at MoonZoulMagic for enlightening information about the Page of Swords.

Thanks so much for reading!