Dr. Joe Dispenza

I can safely say that I would not be where I am today in terms of growth, health, and happiness, without the work of this man! Dr. Joe brings neuroscience to life for the average person, and through scientific research, continues to push the evolution of consciousness forward unlike any teacher I have seen.

Here is a very short list of Dr. Joe’s books and meditations that have proven invaluable to me. I hope you will benefit from them as well!

YouTube has lots of free content in terms of Dr. Joe’s teaching, though I do not recommend the meditations there, as many of them have been pirated, changed, and are just terrible. You can visit Dr. Joe’s Website to learn about workshops, weeklong retreats, online seminars, and to sign up for his monthly blog.


        Body Parts - Space: Meditation for Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - Updated Version by Dr Joe Dispenza (Meditation)

Morning / Evening Meditations - Updated Version by Dr Joe Dispenza (Meditation)           Blessing of the Energy Centers I-III Updated Versions Bundle by Dr Joe Dispenza (Meditation)