Wordless (almost) Wednesday

On September 6, 2015 I made the drive to Charlotte, NC to drop these two off with their new family:

Thomas and Ian Best. Kitties. Ever.
Thomas and Ian
Best. Kitties. Ever.


This rainbow greeted me on my way home from dropping the boys off.
This rainbow greeted me on my way home…
and this sky.
and this sky.


I know for a certainty that my boys are well taken care of; in fact I’m sure their lives are better than what I could have provided for them in my current situation. Their new “mom” sends me photo and text updates regularly, but there are days when I just think about them. They each had their own little personality and flare and I miss them both for very different reasons.

Thomas was playful and silly; Ian, serious and affectionate. They will always have a special place in my heart.

I was able to keep this little sweetie and I sure am glad!

My little ragdoll mix cat. I adore his pink nose.
Andy, my affectionate ragdoll mix.
I adore his pink nose and oh-so-soft fur.


Happy Veteran’s Day!!