The Shack Revisited

In The Shack Revisited, Baxter Kruger takes us on Mack’s journey all over again – and so much more. This book looks at the Biblical, historical theology behind The Shack and explains from a more theological point of view (as opposed to experiential) the journey Paul Young took in his own life towards an understanding of Trinitarian Incarnation.

While The Shack Revisited is a great follow-up to The Shack, I didn’t find the book as compelling or informative in terms of theology as Kruger’s earlier work Jesus and the Undoing of Adam. For me, Jesus and the Undoing of Adam was Baxter’s definitive work explaining the atonement from a Trinitarian point of view, in particular, Athanasius’ and Torrence’s view. This was especially important to me since I have been unable to wade through any of Athanasius’ or Torrence’s work. I enjoy reading theology, but when it’s too difficult, I appreciate authors like Baxter Kruger who are able to present these weighty truths in layman’s terms.

The Shack Revisited did shine in other ways, though. It was definitely an easier read than Jesus and the Undoing of Adam, so I imagine it will appeal to a wider audience. Also, for people who have read The Shack but have not read Jesus and the Undoing of Adam, The Shack Revisited provides a wonderful introduction to Trinitarian theology. Hopefully Revisited may inspire readers to explore Trinitarian Incarnation further than this book can take them.

Overall I was pleased with The Shack Revisited. I will be recommending (and probably loaning) it to my friends who are looking for a different framework than today’s American Evangelicalism.

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About the Author

C. Baxter Kruger, Ph.D. is a Trinitarian scholar and the Director of Perichoresis Ministries, a ministry dedicated to the recovery of the gospel of the Triune God. He has degrees in political science, psychology and his Doctor of Philosophy from Kings College, Aberdeen, Scotland. He is the author of seven books published by his ministry and teaches around the world.

Interview Availability:Baxter is available for limited blog and podcast interviews. If you’d like to interview him, please email us at

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