Privacy Policy

Cindy Welch/Ripples of Insight may collect the following information, which shall be considered private information or personal data as between you and us, or as among you and us:

  • Contact information including name(s), phone number(s), and email address(es).
  • General demographic information such as countries, states, provinces, territories, etc.
  • Other information relating to your preferences and interests or that is relevant to any client bookings.
  • Any information you may send, provide or deliver to us, either electronically or otherwise.

Cindy Welch/Ripples of Insight will not share any data or personal information received from you either electronically or otherwise. All sessions are completely confidential.

Privacy of Sessions/No Recording: Recording of sessions is strictly prohibited. All information shared during a session shall be kept confidential by Cindy Welch/Ripples of Insight and by you, except for your permissible use as a reference. Cindy Welch/Ripples of Insight permits the sharing and discussion of material provided to you with spouses, friends, and family, but not the publishing of such information on public sites or other types of distribution channels, as this puts both your privacy and mine at risk.

Booking an appointment implies that you have read, understood and agreed to the above privacy policy.