Human Design

Learning to be Human According to Design

Happy 2023!

Welcome to my series explaining the power and practical application of the Human Design System. To learn more about booking a Human Design reading with me, please visit my Services Page. From there, click the contact button to send me your DOB, along with the exact time and location. You can choose to receive a full face-to-face reading or get 20% off the total cost by choosing the email option.

In September of 2020, I first encountered the system of self-discovery known as Human Design. The Human Design system (henceforth indicated by the initials HD) uses multiple facets of analysis, based on an individual’s birth stats (date, time, and location) in order to produce a comprehensive view of the individual’s psyche. Due to its depth, my first experience of HD was complete and utter overwhelm. As in, I shut my laptop with a whispered exclamation of “F*ck that!” I have since realized the incredible power that even a basic knowledge of HD offers to help free a person to truly be what works for them in the world.

HD brings together Astrology, the I-Ching, Kabbalah, Brahmin Chakras, and Quantum Physics to create a unique blueprint enabling you to discover and use your body’s consciousness to make decisions and live as authentically you in the world like never before.

The truth is that Astrology alone still confounds my ability to recall all of its intricacies — the meanings of the houses, planets, zodiac signs, etc. — it’s a LOT! I will be the first to admit that I am never going to learn all of the amazing aspects of Astrology, like Decans and such, but when I opened myself up to studying HD, I found that despite its complex nature, it is not only a more palatable system for me, it is also infinitely more useful.

Astrology can tell you a lot about yourself, but Human Design tells you how to succeed as yourself.

One of HD’s most powerful aspects is its insistence that everyone is unique. Astrology does this too, however, most Astrologers do not inform their clients that there will not be another ‘them’ for the next 4,000,000 years! The intricacies of HD make this abundantly clear quite quickly.

Probably the best way to tell you the enormity of HD’s impact on my life is to say that HD gave me permission to be who I was already being. For many decades I lived in the world confused about my place, who I was, and how I fit in. A well-rehearsed mantra crossed my lips for decades: “I don’t belong here.” Although I believe that most of us live out our design whether we know it or not, that does not negate the fact that many of us feel confused or wrong in some way when we live as our true selves. HD gave me the freedom to be me — without the need to justify or explain my “me-ness” to anyone else. Freedom to live as our true selves is HD’s superpower!

The more I have grown to both understand and use HD in my own life, the more I am committed to helping others learn their unique style of ‘being’ in the world, freeing them to live according to their own design with joy and clarity.

I hope you will join me for more to come on this exciting journey of self-discovery. As always, thanks so much for reading!