Pure Generators

In case you have not yet figured out your unique Human Design, visit http://www.mybodygraph.com to run a chart specific to you. You’ll need your DOB, location, and exact time (may be found by consulting your birth certificate, baby book, hospital records, or city of origin’s vital records). Visit my Services Page if you’d like me to run a Human Design Analysis. I will decipher the pertinent aspects of the chart to give you one practical guide for living.

According to the Human Design System, Generators are not only the most productive type (worker-bees, as it is said), but also the most prolific. Since Generators make up 70% of the population, they are quite familiar to us all. The truth is, where would we be as a society, culture, or even a species without the builders – the ones who know how to git ‘er done!

Rest assured, 💸 doesn’t make the world go ‘round, Generators do!

The work of a Generator is to build, accomplish, and do, so to a Generator, the phrase, We are human beings, not human doings sounds ridiculous. In fact, when a Generator is doing what they were designed to do, they are actually being their true selves. The real challenge for a Generator is discovering what it is they are here to do. Understanding the strategy of a Generator is the key to success, but before we explore the strategy, let’s talk about a Pure Generator’s authority.

The Sacral Center is a Pure Generator’s inner authority or super-power. The Sacral Chakra is the second energy center in the body, located just behind the belly button near the spine. This energy center houses our sexuality, creativity, and the ability to truly experience life. It is associated with the water element – feelings and emotional responses – and governs the workings of the kidneys and other organs that help the flow of life force energy move in and through us.

A Generator’s strategy is to respond to life from the ‘gut’, a.k.a. the Sacral Center. Generators have plenty of energy to accomplish much, but to avoid frustration, they must wait for the right opportunity. When they listen to their gut reaction to an opportunity, their decision will produce a sense of deep joy and great satisfaction, be it yes or no.

Generators who respond to life from the mind rather than the gut will end up giving their power away – even to the point of feeling enslaved to a project, person, or job. This will lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. Satisfaction is the guide here, because when a Generator commits to something that their Sacral says ‘Yes’ to, the work will feel easy, even effortless. In contrast, ignoring any ‘no’ message from the body will leave the Generator exhausted, worn out, frustrated, and often angry/bitter.

The best way to begin properly using your Sacral center is to regularly ask simple yes/no questions (also a great tip when working with a Generator). By paying attention to and noticing the deep Sacral response (often manifesting as uh-huh 😃 or uh-uh 🫤), the Generator will learn what yes and no feel like.

Living in harmony with your design means listening for your Sacral response prior to taking any action, but it is not enough to hear your body’s responses – you must also choose to follow that guidance, even when it goes against everything your mind is telling you to do. The mind operates according to conditioning, the ideas we take on from the world around us (parents, teachers, peers, spouses, bosses, marketers, etc.) about how to live and succeed in life. Often your Sacral guidance will stand in complete contradiction to the mind. Fortunately for you, just a little self-awareness can begin to help you notice your energy levels (satisfaction or frustration) when you choose to listen to the mind over the Sacral and vice-versa.

Since a Generator’s strategy is to respond to the need presented to them, an important key to knowing which guidance to follow is this: If you have to justify any opportunity from the place of the mind then it is probably not for you. Listen to yourself when you discuss the opportunity. Are you trying to talk yourself into it? If so, run! Every decision of a Pure Generator ought to feel good, delicious, even yummy – no justification needed! For a Generator, if it’s not a ‘Hell yeah!’, then it’s definitely ‘hell no’.

You can also play with your guidance in order to learn what uh-huh and uh-uh feel like. For instance, upon waking everyday, think through various breakfast options that you enjoy and see which one feels good. Not which one you should eat, not the one you usually eat, not even what’s available to eat. What does your body want to eat. And that can change from day to day. You could even try a yes/no experiment using things you already know you dislike to see what a clear ‘no’ feels like coming from your Sacral. Of course, you can use any topic to practice, but food tends to connect us with our bodies in a unique way.

The process of learning to interpret your Sacral responses can be enlightening, yes, but why not make it fun? I heard one Generator say that for five minutes everyday she uses colored pencils and a coloring book to hone her inner listening skills. Once she hears her body on what color to use, she follows the guidance and then checks in with how she feels when the time’s up.

I have found that most people over the age of 30 are already operating pretty much by their design, but not all of them are enjoying it. For instance, a Pure Generator is going to be the hardest worker you know, but if they are doing jobs their Sacral Center is rejecting, they will not experience any satisfaction or joy, and they will likely be worn out and exhausted (read: Workaholic who lives for the weekend). How you feel before, during, and after making a decision is the key to your success, and as you learn to follow your body’s guidance in little matters like breakfast, colored pencils, and what movies to watch, you will gain the confidence to make bigger life decisions based on how you feel. Once you experience the immense satisfaction of following through on a ‘Hell YEAH!’, you will never again want to say yes to any level of ‘hell no’.

I hope you are enjoying my series on Human Design. As always, thanks so much for reading!