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For a little while I looked hard at the question of what actually happened when Jesus died on the cross. Theologians have developed several Atonement Theories, but the modern-day Evangelical church has latched on to one: Penal Substitutionary Atonement. In this view our sin incurs a debt to God which can only be paid by punishment from His wrath. Further, Jesus, believed to be our substitute, suffered God’s wrath on the cross in our stead, so we are saved from that wrath by accepting Jesus’ death on our behalf.

In the articles listed below, I explored 2 things. First, does the Bible teach penal substitution as one or the only atonement theory, and second, if penal substitution is not a Biblical understanding of the atonement, then what happened when Jesus died on the cross?

Here are some of the topics I want to think (perhaps write?) more about in the future:

Trinity or Dualism

Wrath & Death

Judgment & Divine Violence

Biblical Interpretation

Here is the first offering in the ‘series’: The Kingdom According to Jesus Part I

Now that you know where we’re going, I hope you’ll join in the conversation. While all feedback is welcome here, I will ask you to please respect other people who comment. Any mean-spirited posts containing specific attacks on others will not be published.

God bless you on your journey into a deeper understanding of Him.


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