The Why and the How of Things

If we possess our why of life we can put up with almost any how.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Last week someone wrote this to me in an email, “I pray every night that I will not wake up.” The rest of the message had to do with the heart-wrenching ‘hows’ of their life – the difficulties, hardships, frustrations and heartaches. I had to resist the urge to argue, cajole, or in some form or fashion try to fix things for them. But I left behind that way of being me long ago. It would not be the day that I picked it up again.

Today I ran into the Nietzsche quote above and a light dawned. Suddenly everything made sense. When the why of life is lost, you cannot put up with any how. Not gracefully. Not forebearingly. Not willingly.

It also explains my inability to ‘fix’ things. A why cannot be given, only found, cultivated, cherished. And that within the heart.

What is your why? Does it help you put up with the hows?