Moon Journey

Last night was a thing. Ten souls under the energy of the Taurus full moon, talking about eclipses and how to trust our intuition. Visions and messages came through. Leaving off fear and doubt, we opened our hearts and together committed to moving forward in the quest for … something more.

I didn’t expect her to show up. Well, maybe I did. She was taller than I imagined, and thinner. Straight black hair stretched down her back past the shoulder blades. I knew she was ancient, but she didn’t look it. A massive black pearl spread across both her palms. Can an oyster make a pearl that big? Is there even an oyster big enough??

She showed up too. Her matronly shape, gray wispy hair and white apron formed a sharp contrast to her compatriot’s slim form covered entirely in ebony. I call her “grandmother” when she comes, but I’m fairly certain she is my great-grandmother. Either way, I never met her.

There they stood before me, staring at one another, their expressions unreadable. Two sides of a coin, except I made three. Three of us like a triangle on a round black slab. Mother maiden crone came to mind, yet there was no maiden here, unless it was me: the initiate, the fool, the youth, still on the path for deeper meaning.

No words were spoken. I shifted my gaze between them until I understood.

Love and power, together within me.