Dreaming of Change

Yesterday I drove from D.C. to the end of the Jersey Turnpike. And back. In the rain. Sometimes in fog and sometimes in the dark. But mostly in traffic. Probably about one-fourth or more of that stretch of highway is undergoing some form of construction. The vast majority of it is surrounded by concrete, factories, and high rises. There was a bit of water along the way but very little green that I could see. Yes, it is wintertime, but still. It was heartbreaking.

As many of you know, I am a follower of Dr. Joe Dispenza. Dr. Joe (as his students call him), a neuroscientist who has spent the last 20-30 years studying spontaneous healing, teaches people how to change their brain in order to transform their body and their lives. “To change your personal reality, you first have to change your personality.” I attended his last Progressive Workshop (in the US) this past December (2017) in Austin, TX. Amazing! But before I ever went to a workshop, I binge-watched everything I could find by him on YouTube beginning with this little gem: TedX Tacoma. After listening to so many talks and reading 2 of his books, I began asking a question.

If individual humans can spontaneously heal themselves through meditation, would it be possible for several humans to spontaneously heal the earth through meditation?

Considering the many studies chronicling the power of meditation, positive thoughts, and prayers to heal others as well as ourselves, I believe my question is a reasonable one. Yesterday reminded me of it again.

I began to envision the breaking apart of the concrete jungle surrounding me. Flora and fauna appeared in place of gray pavement and cold, hard steel. “But what would we do without the roads running between our concrete jungles?” I imagined you asking. “How would humans survive without the commodities being built by our pollution-belching factories?” I say that there must be a better way than this. And if my mind can dream it, if my heart can feel it, if my desire can want it, then it is coming. The Law of Attraction has promised me this much.

The building of our mortar and steel constructs provides contrast. The contrast we need to launch a rocket of desire for something better. Consider that rocket launched.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” is not some trite expression, but absolute truth. Complaining about pollution, excessive waste, and climate change is not going to solve any of those problems. And warring against them only increases their power through focus (because, LoA). The only real, measurable change has to come from us. Within us. The place where our dreams become a reality – that field of infinite possibility.

Change is possible. Dr. Joe has proven this time and time again. Don’t you agree that it’s about time for a change? Why not become the change you are hoping for?

Thanks so much for reading.



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