I would bet money that you have heard this one:

Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results

If this is true, I fear for the minds of every person I have ever known, including my own. Haven’t we all been there and done that? The other day a friend reminded me that people change in the face of one of two conditions. Either they learn enough (knowledge) or they hurt enough (suffering). Usually, suffering wins out over knowledge. Let’s face it, knowledge is not in short supply these days. We live in a world where the answer to just about any question you can think of is just a few keystrokes away, on a device that is with us twenty-four-seven.

Perhaps the real problem is not a lack of knowledge, but the lack of an impetus to act on what we know. Enter suffering. Why is it that pain is the most powerful teacher? Why is it that we would rather come to the place of pain ourselves than learn from the pain of others?

And then I know people who know what to do and they seem to be suffering  pretty badly, yet still refuse to take appropriate action to alleviate their pain.


I know! It makes me do a triple-take too. It also works on my last twinge of compassion. But it shouldn’t. Because I have been there and done that, remember? Still, it can be frustrating to offer help to a drowning man only to hear the words, “No thanks, I’m gonna figure out a different way to fix this than getting into your yacht. I mean, climbing that ladder looks like it’s gonna take a long time. Plus it might be too much effort. I’d rather take my chances here in the water.” Huh.

Maybe the real problem is in the word, “enough.” How much knowledge is enough? How much suffering is enough? What gets a person to the point of saying, “Enough is enough“?

Jesus once met with a man lying on a mat beside a pool in Israel. Legend told that when the pool stirred, the water had the power to heal. The man had been living beside the pool with an unnamed malady, trying to be first in the water when it stirred …

for 38 years.

It is very likely that Jesus walked past countless other sick people that day just to ask the man a question. A question that perhaps applies to us all.

Do you want to be well?

Do you want to be well. 38 years. What answer besides ‘yes’ could there possibly be? Oh, right, a litany of excuses. The man’s answer was his misfortune. He complained and blamed his circumstances. He did everything except answer the question. And Jesus healed him anyway. Between you and me, I doubt that it ‘took’. I am willing to bet that within days or a month or a year or five years, that man was right back beside the pool doing what he knew best – living out the insanity of his existence.

I think about this story a lot these days. Sometimes I feel like Jesus, running alongside pools, asking people if they want to be well. But more often than not, I am the man on the mat, reciting my excuses for the condition of my body and my life.

On the weekend of December 8, 9, & 10th, I attended my first Progressive Workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza. I have been following Dr. Joe’s work for more than a year now, but to see him in person – his enthusiasm, his love for life, and his obvious desire to help other people – inspired me to new levels of doing the work.

Dr. Joe cautioned us against desiring sleep (short-term comfort) more than we desire change. He exhorted us against the temptation to assign his work to a philosophical shelf rather than taking the journey across the river. And he warned us that falling back into complacency might be the easy way at first, but the end of that road will always lead to our disease-ridden genetic destiny.

What about you? Have you learned enough? Suffered enough? Do you want to be well? If so, let’s cross the river together. It will mean silencing the excuses for an hour or so everyday. It may require tapping in to a deep well of determination and intention to find answers to the problem. But the one thing I know for sure is that everyone always finds what they seek.

This video is a great place to begin with Dr. Joe. If it resonates at all, I hope you will consider picking up his book and the meditation(s) that go with it. For a longer list of products by Dr. Joe, click here, or visit the Dr. Joe Dispenza link in the menu above.

*When you make a purchase using my affiliate link(s) I receive a small compensation … at no cost to you.

As always, thank you so much for reading.


*Meditation CD

I welcome any questions or comments you might have about Dr. Joe. If I cannot answer them, I will be happy to direct you to someone who can. Many blessings on your journey forward!

~ Cindy

P.S. Wanted to share with you a great interview with Dr. Joe on his latest book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Insanity

  1. […] There is so much that I am looking forward to in the coming year. I bet you have high hopes for 2018 as well. But if all of our attention remains fixed on what went wrong last year, last election, or the last decade, if the people and things in our lives that have caused us pain continue to capture and divide our attention, we will have no energy left to look forward in head (thought) and heart (emotion) to a new and better future. Living in the negative emotions of the past only creates more of the same moving forward. And that is the consummate definition of insanity. […]


  2. Hi Cindy,
    When I went to your site, I immediately focused on the meditation CD. I recently purchased it and I plan to use it in my car. ( with my eyes open!).

    Looking forward to hearing more about the workshop.

    love with light,

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    1. (((Linda))), thanks so much for reading! I’m not sure I would recommend using any meditation CD in your car… lol When you’re ready to amp up your third eye, pick up one of Joe’s Breath meditations (my favorite is part of his Changing Beliefs and Perceptions CD). OMG! Seriously powerful shit.

      Happy New Year, my friend!

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