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Copyright - Renee Heath
Copyright – Renee Heath


100 words:

She looked up to see wax stretching halfway to the floor, the candle spent. Head aching, she stood to watch the new day dawn. What day – ? Sunday, she thought, hearing the church bell. I did it, in only 3 days! She didn’t dare celebrate yet. That would come if – no, when it worked.

Stepping over enough rare herbs to buy a kingdom, she lit a new candle and left to clean herself of smoke and sweat. Returning refreshed, she placed her hand on Miach’s lifeless corpse and offered another prayer. Feeling her brother’s skin begin to warm, Airmid smiled.







32 thoughts on “Aiseiri

  1. This was very intriguing and suspenseful, as I was wondering what she’d been doing with the candles! I really liked how your writing is so descriptive, as it reflected Airmid taking her time with certainty. She had faith that her prayers would be answered, and they were! Beautiful story!


  2. Dear JF,

    We did both write about healers. 😉 Love the ancient feel to this. Have you ever read “Year of Wonders” by Geraldine Brooks? I think you’d enjoy it.




  3. Judah, Very interesting story. Of course many of our modern medicines were developed using the original healing herbs. They were once all that was available. Well written. 🙂



  4. Wow! Something NEW! A lot of authors on this blog have the tendency to dig up something I have never heard about and you did it for me. Very good story, Judah! It’s all there.


    1. Thanks! I didn’t know the story would move in that direction until I started searching for names… It was fun reading up on these tales. To think, it all started with finding the Celtic word for resurrection.


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