My Dented Bucket List

Inspired by RawrLove. Pop over and show some love to Rara and her hubby Grayson. They could sure use some right about now!

Things I never wanted to do, but had to anyway …

  • Live in Jackson, MS for 4 years.
  • Fly in an airplane with a sinus infection, lose my luggage, and spend 2 days in a snow storm with no coat (I won’t bring up underwear if you don’t).
  • Stand humiliated before a Judge in order to explain why I’m declaring bankruptcy.
  • Live (as a family of 4) in someone else’s basement for 2 years.
  • Say goodbye to my husband after his 2-week mid-tour leave from Afghanistan.
  • Be forced to stop home schooling in order to find a full-time job to support my family.
  • Move 25 times in 27 years.
  • Watch a mental illness drive a loved one to suicide.
  • Exit the 4-walls and 25-yrs. of music ministry, only to struggle to find community because of doctrine.
  • Watch helplessly as my sister dies a painful death, while unable to communicate.
  • Feel at a total loss as to how to fight a system that would unjustly put a friend in jail.

Come on, I know you have a list to share! Post it and link back to RawrLove. Let your friends know what Rara is suffering and how just $1 can make a difference!


Dream Realized

It’s Monday – no, wait! Tuesday. *sigh* This always happens to me the day after a Monday Holiday. Not that I’m ungrateful for the time off! But I’ll spend all week trying to remember it’s not the day it feels like it is.

When I’m not trying to figure out what day it is, I’ll be smiling with gratitude and a smidgen of pride because this weekend I completed – kind of a new and novel concept in itself – a project I’ve been working on/thinking about for more than a year! It’s pretty cool when you realize a dream, even a small one.

Last year I wrote about some ways I was being stretched creatively. Some of the new things I learned about and did you’ve seen here. Today’s post unveils the solar birdbath/fountain I started designing in my head in 2013 which yesterday, May 26, 2014 began to delight my eyes and ears in the side garden!

You may be wondering why such a thing would be worthy of its very own blog post, but if that’s the case, then I wonder if you’ve ever had a dream that if pursued would take you outside of the comfort zone of things you already know into a whole new world of possibilities. That’s what this project was for me – and its completion feels like a coming of age of sorts. Appropriate for my 1/2-century year, I think. 🙂

My husband is usually the dreamer … I’m the realist of the family. This year I found out I can dream too – and make it happen! Don’t get me wrong, none of it would have been possible without help from many different people (especially my Hubby); and for each one’s input I am very grateful. That’s another reason for this post: So many folks took the time to listen, freely offering ideas and encouragement; I feel I owe it to them to make this a ‘public’ announcement. This wasn’t just my project – I feel like it ‘belongs’ to everyone who participated in its creation and to the faithful readers who followed along in the process.

So whether you’re part of the creative genius or just read about it here, if you ever find yourself wandering through Middle Tennessee looking for a break from the heat, and a little R&R complete with colorful and entertaining birds, give me a shout. I’d love nothing more than to sit and have a chat with you on my side porch, cool drinks in hand, watching the birds and enjoying this*, together:

2014 Birdbath/Fountain
2014 Birdbath/Fountain

*Sometimes when you design something, you can’t really be sure how it’s going to work until you see it in action. Turns out, the froggy plate I had wanted to use causes the water to splash out of my too-shallow basin (the pump will burn up if it is left running dry), so, while I peruse antique stores for a deeper basin to fit in my stand (or perhaps figure out a way to make one out of ceramic), I have taken out the plate so the fountain looks like this now:

Basic Fountain, 2014
I actually like the cleaner lines of this design, but miss my froggy-woggy.


Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, the place where Rochelle Wisoff-Fields hosts weekly flash fiction based on a photo prompt. The challenge is to write a complete story in approx. 100 words. The link for other entries is below. Come join us!

Copyright - Renee Heath
Copyright – Renee Heath


100 words:

She looked up to see wax stretching halfway to the floor, the candle spent. Head aching, she stood to watch the new day dawn. What day – ? Sunday, she thought, hearing the church bell. I did it, in only 3 days! She didn’t dare celebrate yet. That would come if – no, when it worked.

Stepping over enough rare herbs to buy a kingdom, she lit a new candle and left to clean herself of smoke and sweat. Returning refreshed, she placed her hand on Miach’s lifeless corpse and offered another prayer. Feeling her brother’s skin begin to warm, Airmid smiled.